A True Family Recipe

J. Wilbur Foods was founded in 2007 as a tribute to Founder Andrew Holes’ father, J. Wilbur. A traveling salesman in the 1950’s, J. Wilbur created the recipe for the now top-selling Hickory Smoke Barbeque Sauce from his memory of the great Southern BBQ he tasted during his travels through Memphis. The recipe was J. Wilbur’s most prized possession, creating and sharing the delicious sauce with friends, family and interested onlookers.

In 2002, before passing due to complications with diabetes, J. Wilbur passed on the recipe for his beloved Memphis-style barbeque sauce to his son, Andrew.

An Instant Hit & Continued Expansion

In 2007, Andrew founded J. Wilbur Foods with the intention of bringing his father’s fabulous sauce to market. It was an immediate hit. The only challenge was the original recipe called for a very popular ketchup brand containing high fructose corn syrup. 

Realizing that needed to change, J. Wilbur Foods reformulated the recipe for its popular barbeque sauce in 2012. Now all-natural and gluten-free, J. Wilbur’s Hickory Smoke and Spicy Hickory Barbeque Sauces are healthier, and still feature the same great taste fans have come to know and love.

The J. Wilbur Foods line of products now includes two gourmet barbeque sauces, a Barbeque Spice Rub and popular Bloody Mary Flavoring - the secret ingredient in many of Seattle’s best Bloody Marys. This growing company is committed to using only the finest ingredients and offering the highest quality products, all of which are gluten-free.

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Andrew Holes, founder of J. Wilbur Foods

Andrew Holes, founder of J. Wilbur Foods